Call for help to identify youngster

Guardian readers are being called on to help identify one of the children in this old school photograph.

The host, Lee Westwood, at Close House.

British Masters to be held in the North East next year

Lee Westwood is to host the 2017 British Masters at Close House in Newcastle.
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The English language can get us all confused.

'Off your own back' and four other common English phrases you may be using incorrectly

English is a language rich with imagery, meaning and metaphor – and when we want to express ourselves we can draw upon a canon replete with beautifully turned phrases, drawing from the language’s Latin, French and Germanic roots, through Chaucer and Shakespeare right up to myriad modern wordsmiths – not to mention those apt aphorisms that English has appropriated from other languages.

The mine closures had a devastating impact on North East communities.

On this day in 1992, 31,000 miners lost their jobs at the stroke of a pen

It has been exactly 24 years since the British coal mining industry was dealt a heavy blow when the Government announced the closure of 31 out of 50 deep coal mines across the country.

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Florida is being hit by Hurricane Matthew

Due to travel to Florida? Here’s the official guidance in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade and is currently sweeping its way up the eastern seaboard of the United States.

North Shields and Tynemouth Dispensary.

Looking Back at the Dispensary

The North Shields and Tynemouth Dispensary was one of the town’s oldest charities.

Leaves are starting to fall from the trees.

8 things that should cheer us all up this Autumn

There's a definite nip in the air, the heavy coats are coming out, and staying at home suddenly seems like a more attractive option than a night on the tiles.
Let's go fly a kite...

From flying kites to building a tent... have you mastered the 50 dad skills?

The top 50 'dad skills' have been revealed - but less than half of fathers reckon they have mastered them all.
Don't miss Halley's night-time spectacle

When and how you can watch Halley's Comet light up the night sky this October

Eyes to the skies! We’re in for a month-long meteor shower thanks to dust from Halley’s Comet.

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Clyde Street, Wallsend.

Looking Clyde Street

Clyde Street, Wallsend, was nearing the end of its life when it was photographed on April 2, 1963.

Whitley Bay Flower Club chairman Mary Bentley.

New season for Whitley Bay Flower Club

Fancy florals were on display as a new club season got under way.

Smith's Tea Rooms Whitley Bay

Looking Back at Smith’s Cocoa and Tea Rooms

Smith’s Cocoa and Tea Rooms stood in Watts Road, Whitley Bay, between 1892 and the early 1920s.

Jewish Synagogue, North Shields.

Looking the synagogue

In Billy Mill Lane there used to be an enclosure reminiscent of a pinfold. Inside were a few crumbling Jewish gravestones.

The Phoenix Pub in Earsdon.

Looking Back at The Phoenix Inn

John Taylor’s unpublished history of Earsdon suggests that the Phoenix Inn, in Front Street, dated to the 18th century.

The trawler Onyx II.

Looking Back at the Onyx II.

Robert Hastie, of St Abbs, was a pioneer of the North Shields fishing industry after the establishment of the Fish Quay in 1870. He founded the business known as R Hastie and Sons.

High Street East Wallsend.

Looking army blankets

The tram at the junction of High Street West and Station Road Wallsend began to service the area in 1902. On the corner is the Zion Methodist Church, which closed on August 2, 1903, and was soon demolished.

Acc 29486 Big Wheel Spanish City Whitley Bay

Looking Back at the Spanish City wheel

In the spring of 1913, Robert Ernest Gray, of Monkseaton, came together with TG Sullivan and C Stout as directors of the Rainbow Wheel Pleasure Company.

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