Are the priorities right on where money is being spent?

I NOTE the mayor’s bid for £4.2m of government grant to be spent on improving the coastal area of North Tyneside.

We all would like this sort of investment but at a time when more than 300 residents’ homes in the borough have recently been flooded, has the council’s cabinet got its priorities right?

Money needs to be spent on improving surface water management to prevent this as far as possible from happening again.

A flood task group will report to the cabinet next month, but millions of pounds will be needed to do the essentially necessary work to save residents from further misery.

At a time when money is tight, if the grant is awarded for the coast, will there also be money for improving the outdated infrastructure of our underground water works or construct massive water tanks?

Or will more money be borrowed and increase the council’s debt?

There may well be jobs created in the new coastal proposals, but are they new jobs?

As private bus companies continue to change or remove local services in many parts of the borough, tourist type jobs, which are usually shift work, are generally inaccessible to those who do not drive or have a car.

Getting the necessary buses reinstated to enable people to get to their present work as well as take up future jobs should be a priority.

It is also an absolute priority if car usage, pollution and everything associated with climate change including the flooding is to be seriously and responsibly tackled.


Weetslade Ward