Campaigners ready to fight homes plan

An artist's impression of the proposed Scaffold Hill development.
An artist's impression of the proposed Scaffold Hill development.

A CONTROVERSIAL planning application in Holystone goes before North Tyneside Council next week.

Northumberland Estates has submitted plans to build up to 450 houses in Scaffold Hill.

The proposal includes a doctor’s surgery, 100 allotments and a 100-acre extension to the adjacent Rising Sun Country Park.

The planning committee will consider the plans at a meeting on Tuesday night.

Colin Barnes, director of planning and development at Northumberland Estates, said: “The proposals at Scaffold Hill will meet a need for new housing, including over 100 affordable houses, in a location which is central to the borough’s economic growth.

“The design of the development, based around a network of green infrastructure, including new public transport links, local facilities, distinctive high quality and low density housing, represents a step change in sustainable development.

“A number of highway improvements will also be made to fully address concerns of the local community.

“There will be a 100-acre extension to the Rising Sun Country Park, new habitats will be created and recreational opportunities will be provided through the provision of 100 allotments and a multi-use games area.

“In developing the proposal Northumberland Estates has undertaken two rounds of community consultation, one before the application was submitted and one afterwards.

“The purpose has been to ensure that local residents have been properly informed about all elements of the proposal.

“Members of the public who have wished to discuss the proposal have been given the opportunity to do so and Northumberland Estates has invited an open conversation.

“The community consultation exercises were designed to reach as many people as possible.

“Over 3,000 leaflets were delivered to North Tyneside homes and 435 signatures were collected in support of the proposal.”

Many residents in the area, however, oppose the development as they believe it will destroy open farmland, green fields and wildlife corridors.

Residents also say the traffic is already at capacity in the area.

Keith Page, who will be speaking at the meeting on behalf of the Holystone Action Group, said: “We are hoping that we have got a sound argument against it and I hope that the planning committee will listen to our argument and reject it.

“I am hopeful that they will at least listen to our argument and take the balance of what we are saying and think yes, they have a valid point.

“The development will harm the Rising Sun Country Park. It will block the wildlife corridor.

“There is already too much traffic in the area and the local school is full.”