Council to check details of all voters

NORTH Tynesiders are being canvassed to make sure they are on the electoral roll and able to vote.

Voter registration forms are being delivered to every household in the borough as part of an annual check.

North Tyneside Council is required by law to carry out the yearly check so it can keep its electoral register up to date.

Those not on the register will be unable to vote, and it could also affect their credit rating.

If there are no changes to a household’s registration details, people can respond using one of three paperless options – freephone, internet or text message.

Anyone who does not want their details to appear on the council’s edited register needs to say so.

Copies of the edited register can be bought by anyone and used for commercial activities such as marketing.

Those who would like to vote by post should contact the council’s electoral services team for an application form on (0191) 643 2270 or e-mail

Reminder forms will be sent out in September to households that have not responded to the original form, and in October, personal canvassers will visit those properties that have not responded to the first or second forms.