Future of café to be heard in council debate

Campaigners battling to save a seafront café are hoping residents will turn up at a public meeting.

Following the presentation of a petition signed by more than 2,000 people, North Tyneside Council is to discuss the future of the Boardwalk Café in a public meeting.

And members of the ‘Save and Revamp the Boardwalk’ are hoping people will attend the meeting at 6pm on Thursday, October 23, at the council’s Quadrant headquarters.

Pamela Hood said: “We hope that plenty of residents will be there to hear us put our case and give us their support.”

Group organiser Magdalena Niewitecka added: “Planning officers may feel satisfied that they have stuck to their own rules but they certainly haven’t considered the wishes of the people who pay their salaries.”

The council is proposing to demolish the café on Watts Slope, Whitley Bay, as part of their plans for the northern promenade as they say the building spoils the view. Instead a new kiosk will be built with cafes at the Dome.

Regular patron Carol Marr has been tying yellow ribbons to the railings outside the building to show how much it is missed.

She said: “It’s really sad. Where else can you go to enjoy a bacon sarnie while watching the waves creeping up the sand?”