Grateful for support after break-in

Can I express the heartfelt thanks of the members, trustees and staff team from the Cedarwood Trust for the fantastic support that we received from residents of the Meadow Well Estate, local organisations and North Tyneside Council for their response to our break-in earlier in the month.

More than 50 locals and teams from North Tyneside Council, The Meadows, Voda and the Phoenix Detached Youth Project supported the clean-up, putting the centre back together and showing support for our work.

After the frustrations felt by the community, caused by what is believed to be one individual, this response has been fantastic.

Within days joiners from the community were putting windows back in and locals were cleaning up.

A number of small financial donations towards the costs of the repairs and a member taking on the Great North Run to support us have also been a great boost to the charity.

Our centre has been given a new lease of life, from the ‘Creative Ginger’ designed front to the fantastic murals at the back.

I can only repeat the thanks to all involved.

Phil McGrath

Chief Executive

The Cedarwood Trust