Great tribute to our teachers

We all know the north east is one of the best places to live thanks to some of the most stunning scenery in Britain and our sense of community.

But the recent news that our schools are better than the rest of the country should make us even more proud.

The schools watchdog, Ofsted, tells us that the north east is top of the league table with four out of five schools ranked as outstanding or good. The figure is even better in North Tyneside where the regulator found that 94 per cent of our primary and secondary schools hit the same high marks.

This is a great tribute to the professionalism and dedication of our teachers and the local education authority. Parents should be very proud of their children’s achievements too.

Of course, one set of excellent educational results should not be followed by any complacency. High standards need to be sustained year in and year out.

Such high standards should be seen as one of the major attractions of the north east and allow it to contribute to the success of the UK as a whole, as we have always done, even if that’s not always appreciated by some in London.

In the meantime, hats off to all those who have worked so hard for this great success. This success story deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. I shall make sure that it is mentioned in Parliament.