Lifeboat crew rescues exhausted surfer

The lifeboat crew tackles the swell. Picture by Michael Scott/RNLI
The lifeboat crew tackles the swell. Picture by Michael Scott/RNLI
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An exhausted surfer was rescued after being caught in heavy seas yesterday.

Cullercoats volunteer lifeboat crew was called out at 1.40pm yesterday following reports of a surfer in difficulties at the south side of Tynemouth Longsands.

The lifeboat launched with four volunteer crew on board who had to deal with difficult sea conditions and a sea swell in excess of two metres.

The surfer was found 400 metres from shore attempting to get back but the strength of the currents was making it very difficult for him to make any progress towards the beach and by the time the lifeboat reached him he was very tired and out of breath.

He was soon brought onto the lifeboat and checked over. The crew were satisfied that he was not in need of any medical attention and was safely taken back to the beach at Tynemouth Longsands where further advice was given by Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade members.

Cullercoats lifeboat helmsman Scott Jones said: "The currents near the south side of Tynemouth Longsands can be very strong and can take you out from shore very quickly. The surfer was very tired when the lifeboat was at the scene and I doubt he had the strength to get back to shore by himself."