Exhibition examining war in borough opens

The women and girls of Wallsend Slipways World War 1 wartime workforce.

The women and girls of Wallsend Slipways World War 1 wartime workforce.

An exhibition examining the impact of the First World War on the shipyard and mining industries in North Tyneside is now open.

Coal, Ships & Zeppelins: North Tyneside in the First World War explores the story of the increased industrial production in the borough during wartime, from ship repair and production at the shipyards, to the pressure put on local women to fill many of the roles left by men who had signed up to serve on the front line.

The exhibition will run at Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths & Museum in Wallsend, until April 2015.

Museum manager Geoff Woodward said: “Swan Hunter and the other shipyards are very much a part of the dynamic story of the landscape in which the remains of the Roman fort of Segedunum sits.

“During the First World War the shipyards all along this stretch of river were working flat out and a huge number of ships were constructed.

“The social impact was significant too, with many women and teenage girls and boys being employed as a result of the labour shortage.”

The museum in Wallsend, site of one of the most excavated Roman forts along Hadrian’s Wall, sits on the edge of the river Tyne overlooking the area where much of this activity took place.

Visit www.worlife.org.uk for more information.




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