Fundraising to get Milo his own sensory room

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A fundraising initiative has begun in aid of a brave toddler who may never walk or talk.

Twenty-month-old Milo Browne suffers from delayed physical and mental development and has so far baffled medical experts who are unable to give a diagnosis of his condition.

The Howdon youngster has no head control, suffers from uncoordinated movements, and is unable to hold his body weight, which means it is unlikely he will ever walk.

Milo’s parents Stephen Browne and Laura Davidson are now looking to raise around £15,000 to create a bespoke sensory room in their home.

“It is frustrating not being given a diagnosis for Milo, but we thought we would only have a few hours with him, so every day we get is so precious,” said Stephen.

“We don’t know what tomorrow will hold, we could be told that he has two weeks to live, or anything, at any point.

“That’s the trouble with having no diagnosis, you just don’t know what to expect or how to treat things.

“Milo is such a happy boy, and we will always fight for him and what is best for him, and having a sensory room will really change his life and enable us to give him the best possible life, which is all we want.”

Now Laura and Stephen have called on Whitley Bay-based umbrella charity Angels of the North for support with their fundraising efforts.

“The trustees of Angels of the North have been incredibly supportive of us and they have worked very hard on our behalf,” said Laura.

“Milo’s main way of learning is through play, and sensory play is vitally important to his life.

“The sensory room will give Milo stimulation and help aid his development, it really will change his life.”

Angel of the North’s honorary chief executive officer, Barbara Connors-Fowler, added: “We are determined to ensure that little Milo has a lovely sensory room as soon as possible.

“Milo has no head control, his movements are uncoordinated and he cannot hold his own body weight but he is so happy, with such a lovely smile and everyone who meets him wants to help.”

Several fundraising events have been arranged for the next few weeks leading up to a special fundraising event at Archer Street Social Club in Howdon on Saturday, April 5, at 6pm, featuring disco, buffet, raffle and tombola.

Stephen will also complete a sky dive for the charity.

Visit www.ourmilo.co.uk for more details, or to donate, go to www.justgiving.com/OurMilo




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