Students donate strips to orphanage

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Students have upheld their promise to send football strips to a Thailand orphanage.

TyneMet pupils visited the Baan Nok Kamin Foundation Orphanage last July and stayed for five days, helping construct new buildings, provide support in English lessons and engage in sports, with football being most popular.

They then collected football shirts to send to the children at the orphanage, receiving donations from college staff, family and friends.

And fundraising events were held to raise the money to post the shirts.

Matthew Leadbeatter, pastoral tutor at the college, said: “The trip to Thailand was amazing; the students really enjoyed their time there, especially at the orphanage.

“The staff and children were so friendly and once home the students were determined to do more to help the children.”

He added: “The students had already organised quite a few fundraising events before they went to Thailand to help cover the cost of each student’s place which was £1,699, so they had to come up with new ideas to raise money for the postage.

“Eventually, enough money was raised to post two x 2kg packages containing the shirts.

“Educational expeditions such as this trip to Thailand, give the students a fantastic experience which will see them develop their personal and social skills, enhance their cultural awareness, expand their geographical knowledge and give them memories that they will never forget.”

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