Police send out warning after series of thefts

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Police are appealing for people to keep their property secure after a series of thefts in North Tyneside.

Opportunist thieves are taking advantage after members of the public have left valuable items such as handbags, mobile phones, tablets and other property unattended in public places.

The advice comes during Northumbria Police’s Operation Soundwave, aimed at tackling opportunist thieves and burglars across the force and promoting crime prevention advice for borough residents.

Acting Chief Inspector Neil Armsworth, from North Tyneside area command, said: “We’ve received reports over recent weeks of people leaving expensive property unattended in public areas and in their cars.

“Opportunist thieves are taking advantage and taking what they see.

“People need to think – they wouldn’t leave £300 lying around on a chair in a public area or on the seat of their car, so why leave an expensive mobile phone or tablet?”

“It just takes a few seconds to ensure you have all of your belongings with you, including any cashback from self service tills, before you leave,” he added.