Residents have waited more than 20 years for this scheme

AFTER years of investigation and prolonged lengthy consultation, which was open to anyone with an interest, the council finally introduced a parking scheme in Tynemouth Village.

The scheme introduced three new streets to the original TM1 section, all close to its centre; in addition they modified Front Street providing additional parking bays, loading and disability bays and a taxi lane.

The cost of parking in these bays is 1p per minute.

In a recent survey the scheme was given a thumbs up and overwhelming support by residents.

The streets are calmer and safer without motorists driving around looking for free car parking spaces and the residents of the streets concerned find it easier to park near their homes without the streets being jammed to capacity.

So after a few weeks of its introduction I was amazed at the Tynemouth Business Forum (TBF) complaining and now after a few months of its introduction a further complaint.

Worryingly, councillors who are in opposition are now agreeing to further consultations.

At present the council has bent over backwards at additional expense to North Tyneside ratepayers by providing and changing signage, providing additional parking bays at Percy Park Road and Huntington Place, additional drop-off places for King’s School, modifying the parking times in Front Street and are holding discussions with Priory School and TBF to find more spaces.

So why is there the need for further modifications and consultations?

The village has been packed to capacity every single weekend, weekdays have also been busy and motorists now understand the system.

Again, do the rate payers of North Tyneside really want to fund a proposal to allow two-hour parking in the TM1 sections?

Surely this will result in additional cost.

Parking wardens would need to patrol all-day long, new and additional signage would need to be erected and parking meters positioned in residential streets.

The village has plenty of parking spaces, although you may have to walk a couple of minutes, the cost is minimal – 60p for an hour, much less than in Newcastle and anywhere else in the country. Every motorist pays for parking.

In summary I think TBF should appreciate the council’s efforts and will have to realise there is a recession, winter is here and visitors will drop off, although I have seen little evidence of this and can see no need for any further modifications to a successful new parking scheme.

The rate payers have had enough of wasteful expense, and although I appreciate TBF’s concerns I only hope a different solution to the one raised can be found.

Residents of Tynemouth Village have waited more than 20 years for this scheme.