Roads in urgent need of repairs

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The borough council may inspect our streets for potholes every six months, but they seem to repair these only every six years.

Paignton Avenue had more and more potholes over about ten years and had 31 potholes before it was totally resurfaced. Bromley Avenue, a main road, was similar.

It was rated the worst road in England by a motoring organisation before two thirds of it was totally resurfaced. The southern third of this is now so bad as to be a real danger.

Has our council got shares in a road resurfacing company? They like to totally resurface one or two roads but ignore potholes in most others – the vast majority.

This is born out by the fact that they are much better at repairing pavements, sooner or later someone is going to be killed due to a bad pothole on one of our roads.

And would the head of highways end up in prison through criminal negligence?

Charles Hall

Whitley Bay