Success with first bio blitz

Volunteers taking part in the Bio Blitz survey.
Volunteers taking part in the Bio Blitz survey.

More than 30 experts and local volunteers were involved in the first ever ‘Bio Blitz’ survey to take place in North Tyneside at the weekend.

Friends of Brierdene hosted experts from the Environmental Records Information Centre at The Great North Museum: Hancock and the Natural History Society of Northumbria.

Co-ordinator Katherine Pinnock has collated a total of 367 species including trees, wild flowers, ferns, insects, mammals and birds, 11 varieties of butterflies and over 70 different species of moths.

The results will give a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world in the award-winning Brierdene coastal wildlife site in Whitley Bay.

Using the information the experts can build up a detailed picture of the species and habitats to help preserve the environment for future generations.