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CANDIDATES standing in the election for the Mayor of North Tyneside are being asked to support a ‘Manifesto for Older People’.

Age UK North Tyneside asked older people what their priorities are for the new elected mayor, who said they want the new mayor to help older people to stay in their own homes; make neighbourhoods ‘older people friendly’, with good transport, suitable seating, good access to public toilets, well-maintained pavements; continue to make North Tyneside a safe place for older people to live; and promote and fund activities.

Alma Caldwell, Age UK North Tyneside chief executive, said: “Older people living in North Tyneside contribute directly to the borough’s prosperity.

“They include carers, grandparents, paid workers, volunteers, taxpayers, community activists.

“They bring a wealth of experience, skills, knowledge, and talent and make a significant contribution to our economy and society.

“Making sure that older people can stay fit and healthy and continue to play an active role in their community will benefit everyone in the borough.

“The Manifesto for Older People sets out clearly the things that matter most to older people in our region.

“We are calling on all the candidates to endorse it and say how they will make North Tyneside a place where older people are valued and treated with dignity and respect have equal access to services, and play a full and active part in local life.”

All the candidates standing in the election have been asked to commit to implementing the manifesto if elected and to making North Tyneside a better place for older people to live.