Tories hold North Tyneside Preston seat

THE Conservative party has held onto one of the three seats representing Preston ward follow a by-election.

The election – which was called following the election of Linda Arkley as North Tyneside mayor in June – was held on September 24.

Conservative candidate David Sarin claimed victory with 1,141 votes ahead of Labour's candidate Katherine Osbourne.

Protest group Public Services not Private Profit, which is concerned about potential privatisation of some parts of the Metro system, came third out of the five candidates.

The full results were:-

John Christopher Appleby (LibDem) – 152;

William Peter Harbison Burnett (Public Services not Private Profit) – 174;

Katherine Helen Osbourne (Lab) – 503;

Susannah Rose Rutherford (Green) – 73;

David Alan Sarin (Con) – 1,141.

The result means that the council is made up of 31 Conservative councillors, 21 Labour and eight Liberal Democrats, with a Conservative Mayor.


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