Trespassers are putting lives at risk

Fishermen on pier.
Fishermen on pier.

I AM writing in response to the article written about the rescue of a group of fishermen from the lighthouse on the North Tyne Pier by Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade and RNLI (News Guardian, July 28).

I was shocked that people would put themselves and rescuers at such risk.

However, one evening after the reported incident, I was photographing the impressive waves breaking over the closed north pier.

It wasn’t until I reviewed my photographs at home that I noticed a group of fishermen at the end of the pier, and perhaps worse still, an individual walking along the pier as the waves were breaking over.

Had I noticed the group at the time, I would have raised the alarm with the coastguard and perhaps triggered another rescue operation.

It is worrying that some people are not taking heed of safety advice and continue to trespass, putting lives in danger.


North Shields