Upgrade to Metro system help points

Nexus apprentices at a Metro help point.
Nexus apprentices at a Metro help point.

Half a million pounds is being spent to assist passengers on the Metro system.

Nexus – which owns, manages and is modernising the Tyne and Wear Metro – is investing £500,000 on the modernisation of passenger help points on the network.

The work will improve the quality and reliability of the help points, switching them from an analogue to a digital system, which will also make them easier to maintain

A total of 127 help points are being modernised in a project expected to last for 19 weeks.

All Metro stations are fitted with passenger help points. Each has an enquiry button that provides audio on when the next train is due. There is also an alarm that allows passengers to get in contact with the Metro control room.

Director of rail and infrastructure for Nexus, Raymond Johnstone, said: “The passenger help points are vital.

“People use them to obtain Metro service information and use them as a direct link to staff in the Metro control centre.

“Each help point will be stripped down and refitted with a digital system.

“The project will make the help points more reliable and give them a better audio system. They will also be easier for us to maintain.

“This is a smaller element of the £389m modernisation programme, but one which is extremely important for our customers.”

Much of the work on the Metro help points is being carried out by Nexus apprentices, under close supervision.