Dave Spikey delights fans at Playhouse

JOURNALISTS, poets and lyricists all get a pounding in comedian Dave Spikey’s fifth UK tour, that called into Whitley Bay last week.

Although probably best known as Peter Kay’s sidekick, Dave Spikey is at his best when he’s doing a bit of stand up, as the small audience at the Playhouse Whitley bay on Saturday night found out.

Words Don’t Come Easy sees the Bolton vegetarian pointing out problems with the English language through his analysis of song lyrics, newspaper headlines and entertaining anecdotes.

From the duck cabaret, to his 95-year-old grandma running at B&Q’s doors as fast as she can “because they still open”, there wasn’t a moment that went past with the theatre filling with laughter.

He walks us through a range of topics loosely connected to the interpretation of language, with amusing stories of his grandparents when he was growing up, and how something can have a range of meanings which can often lead to hilarious misunderstandings.

It makes you think the next time someone asks you how you get somewhere, you will be desperate to say, “my brother takes me”.

Words Don’t Come Easy is every bit as entertaining as I had imagined it to be, but far, far funnier that I anticipated.