Ex-pupils wanted to help school’s project

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Former pupils of a Wallsend school are being sought for a project to help the current students.

Churchill Community College, in Churchill Street, is one of more than 500 state schools and colleges across the country which have registered with the charity Future First to set up networks of former students or alumni.

Future First’s vision is that every state school or college should be supported by a thriving, engaged alumni community that helps it to do more for its students.

It does not matter when you left school, whether in further education or employment, still live nearby or have moved further away, there are still ways to help.

Alex Shapland-Howes, managing director of Future First, said: “More than 39 per cent of state school students don’t know anyone in a job they’d like to do.

“If they see that someone who went to the same school, grew up in the same community, has achieved a fulfilling and satisfying job, it helps them see it’s possible for them too.

“It’s really important for all students to be motivated to succeed in the working world and hearing first hand from relatable people in interesting jobs can make a huge difference.”

David Baldwin, headteacher at Churchill, said: “We signed up to Future First’s scheme straightaway.

“A network of past students with all their valuable experience will be vital in helping us to broaden current students’ jobs horizons and equip them for the world of work.”

Gillian Allen manages the Future First scheme at the college. Email her at gillian.allen@ntlp.org.uk