Exhibition on show as part of research project

Susan Mackirdy of Tyne Rivers Trust and Leona Skelton.
Susan Mackirdy of Tyne Rivers Trust and Leona Skelton.

An historian has opened an exhibition of her work as part of an historical research project.

Leona Skelton is showing her Environmental History from View of the river exhibition, at Low Lights until June 25.

Leona and researchers from several universities have come together to conduct a national study on how our 21st century sense of place, livelihood and community has been moulded by our links to the environmental processes of rivers, constructed watercourses, energy systems and infrastructure.

Leona said: “The River Tyne will live forever, its water, course, channel and bed have been shaped by the human histories played out on its water and on the banks which Geordies made their home.

“There has been much consideration of how the river has shaped Tyneside and Tynesiders, but little appreciation of the extent to which we have shaped the river.”

The exhibition tells the story of the Tyne and the changes it has undergone from 1530 to the present day.

To open the exhibition, Leona also handed over funds raised for the Tyne Rivers Trust so far, totalling more than £800.

For more information on the exhibition and the trust, visit www.tyneriverstrust.org, www.powerwaterproject.net and www.oldlowlight.co.uk