Looking Back at Methodist chapel

Milbourn Restaurant
Milbourn Restaurant

One of the oldest churches in North Shields was the Sand Yard Chapel in Milburn Place.

However, it had seating for only 100 and on November 16, 1871, the United Methodist Free Church replaced it with a new building in Dene Street. It was designed by Mr Lish, of Newcastle, to hold 300 to 400 and there was space for 300 in the Sunday School.

Most of the congregation joined the Salem Methodist Church before the First World War, leaving the Sunday School behind.

In 1940 Lord Woolton urged councils to set up Community Feeding Centres, later known as British restaurants. Tynemouth Borough took over the old church premises and the Milbourn Restaurant opened on June 13, 1941. The church trustees reclaimed the buildings in 1949.

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