Pictures from the Past

Stockhills on Wallsend High Street.
Stockhills on Wallsend High Street.

THOMAS Stockill, owner-driver of the charabanc, is on the left front of this crowd of eager trippers on their annual works outing from the Post Office in Wallsend.

William E Haigh, from Park Avenue, was the postmaster at this office in High Street West.

Walter Willson Ltd, grocers, were next door at No. 6, with a branch in Potter Street, Willington Quay.

Thomas Stockill & Sons, Motor Engineers and Haulage Company charabancs, had their names on the rear, ‘Mauretania’ and ‘Rising Sun’ were housed in premises behind the old Wallsend Motor Company.

The haulage firm is listed in local studies trade directories from its opening in 1921 until 1970.

In 1906, Thomas Stockill had a newsagent’s shop and Church Bank Post Office and lived at 10 Lodge Terrace with his housekeeper Isabella Ann (Bella) Robson opposite the garage site.

He also ran a fruiterer’s shop near Richardson Dees School.

Thomas W Stockill married Emily Watson, of Bellingham, in 1922 and they lived at 9 Lodge Terrace.

Their eldest son Ronnie Stockill, born in June quarter of 1923, served with the RAF in India in 1944-45.

His brother Thomas Albert was born in 1925 and the youngest Kenneth in 1936.

Their mother, Emily’s older sister Annie, married James Gray in Bellingham in 1913.

Mr Arthur H Avery, who married Hilda Jane Stockill in Tynemouth district in 1922, ran the High Street East Post Office with his assistant Eleanor McKean.

Bella Robson was their bridesmaid.

Special thanks to the Stockill family and friends for this photograph.

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