Pictures from the Past

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MARCH 6, 1963, must have been particularly cold with slabs of ice in the Gut at the Fish Quay, North Shields.

Weekly News for March 6 had several stories relating to the Fish Quay.

There was a picture of the crew of the seine-net fishing boat the Margaret and Dennis as they shored up the sides of their vessel against the pack ice in the Gut.

Lindsay Bros (fish products) Ltd worker, Eric Duell, of Redburn View, hung from the quayside to rescue a dog which had fallen into the icy water and with help from a local fishmonger they managed to pull it to the quayside.

All the thanks they got from the mongrel was a spray of icy water as it shook itself dry and ran away.

The main hero of the day was 14-year-old school swimming champion Harry Butterfield, of Back Saville Street, who rescued George Larter, of King Street, from the ice-floes and took him to the Seamen’s Mission.

They got him to Tynemouth Infirmary where he was treated for shock before being allowed home.

Harry, meanwhile, finished his paper round soaking wet and covered in mud before going home to get changed to go to the youth club.

The paper said he wanted to be a policeman and his parents hoped he would go to cadet school after Linskill Secondary School.

The theme for this month’s display in the North Shields Library window is weather featuring topical pictures, such as that here, and newspaper articles from the past.

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