Review: She’s on Toast production

There’s no toast in the latest Cloud Nine production She’s On Toast and the only female character is called Box – thus we enter Peter Mortimer’s world of the unexplained.

The play begins with two suited men trading insults, and neither man seems unduly affronted by them.

The insults are a tad overlong in my opinion, though entertaining.

However like a Max Ernst painting, when the layers are scraped away this is a play about comradeship, and I really began to engage with it when the character, Box was introduced, who also has a lexicon of insults.

The closeness of audience to actors makes for a unique experience, exploited by director Neil Armstrong.

She’s On Toast concludes Friday, March 7, at the Surf Café, Tynemouth. Call (0191) 447 1503 for tickets.

Noreen Rees