Sophie takes lead role in Shakespeare

AN aspiring actress will take centre stage this month as she takes a lead role in an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

Sophie Underwood, from North Shields, who is currently studying foundation degree in acting at Newcastle College, will play Kate, the shrew, in the group’s end of year performance, which plays on the fun and comedic aspects of Shakespeare’s text.

Acting as a group of players, much like the players who travelled around in Shakespeare’s own time, the cast will present a colourful performance incorporating all of the techniques that they have learnt during their time at the college.

The production is being directed by course leader Georgette Ratcliffe.

The performances will take place in the Peter Sarah Theatre within the Performance Academy today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm and 7pm.

Characters include the Shrew, Kate, who will be played by Sophie along with, Rosie Johnson and Melanie Hodgetts-Blyth; Petrucio, who will be played by Harry Bell and Daniel Middlewood; Bianca, played by Naomi Inkster and Chelsea Talbot; Lucentio, played by David Boreham and Jay Robson, and Grumio played by Hannah Matthews-McCormick.