Teacher records Auschwitz song

A school teacher has recorded a song to raise money for every life lost at Auschwitz, following a trip to the former concentration camp.

Following a trip to Auschwitz with pupils last year, learning support assistant at Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College in North Shields, Ali Hain, decided to do something special.

One of the Holocaust victims’ names stood out amongst the pile of suitcases on display in the infamous extermination centre, and Ali joined together with four of his A2 History students to conduct further research.

The name was Klara Goldstein, and it was discovered she was held at Thersienstadt Concentration Camp before being transferred to Auschwitz and gassed only a matter of weeks before the camp was liberated by the Red Army.

Ali, together with music tutor Mike Smith and sound engineer Andi Anderson, wrote and recorded a song about Klara Goldstein’s brief life and the capture the overwhelming emotional experience of visiting Auschwitz.

The Rain reflects upon how humanity has not learnt the lessons of history given to us by the Holocaust.

Ali wants to raise £15,000 for the Holocaust Education Trust, one penny for every life lost.

Visit https://bandcamp.com/ to download the song.