Tim bringing country to town

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Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess is bringing a bit of country to town at the end of the month.

The 45-year-old is playing a date at Newcastle University’s students’ union on Wednesday, October 31, to promote his new solo album, the country-and-western-influenced Oh No I Love You.

The album is his second solo effort, following 2003’s I Believe, but had been in the planning for three years prior to the release of its predecessor.

Salford-born Burgess had been to see Lambchop in Manchester in 2000 and, while speaking to the band’s frontman Kurt Wagner, after the show, asked if they could write a song together.

“I said, as I’ve said to many people I’ve enthused about along the way ‘‘hey, we should write something together’. He said ‘sure, Tim. You write the music and I’ll write the words’,” recalled Burgess.

And that, umpteen years later, was exactly what they did, and the result, along with other songs in similar vein, can be heard on the new album, recorded in Nashville, America’s country music capital.

“I wasn’t trying to make a country record, though I knew there would be elements of that, and I wasn’t trying to make an electronic record either. I wanted to make a record that was me, with all the information that I had at my age on my shoulders and in my head. It is very much a Manchester and Nashville album,” said Burgess.

“I tried to speak Nashville in a Manchester accent. If it were a film, it’d be a north-western.”

The Newcastle show, featuring a support slot by Hatcham Social, is being promoted by the city’s SSD Concerts, run by North Tynesider Steve Davis.

Tickets cost £15. For details, go to www.ssd.concerts.co.uk