War Horse rides onto stage to wow audiences

War Horse at the Sunderland Empire.
War Horse at the Sunderland Empire.

An emotional and beautiful story of the bond between a boy and his horse has ridden oSnto the stage in Sunderland.

War Horse is nothing short of an epic theatrical experience, that is as unique as it is impressive.

It would be impossible not to have heard the rave reviews of the award-winning National Theatre production based on Michael Morpurgo’s story of a young boy Albert and his horse Joey, sent away to serve in the war, and Albert’s quest to bring him home.

I was excited to see the production that I had heard so many people rave about, but was worried it couldn’t live up to the hype.

But I am glad to say I was proved wrong.

The life-size mechanical horses are unbelievable, and the actors and puppeteers bring them to life with every snort and tail flick that you genuinely forget that these aren’t real horses.

From the first tentative steps of Joey as a foal, to the skilfully choreographed battle scenes, you are drawn in to the life of this horse and his faithful owner.

Every neigh and gallop will leave you completely in awe, and I was surprised by how moving I found the production.

An incredible piece of theatre that deserves all the praise it gets.

See it while you can.

War Horse will be at the Sunderland Empire until May 17. Visit www.atgtickets.com or call (0191) 566 1040 for tickets.