Whitley Park Terrace with Electric Pavillion Theatre

Whitley Park Terrace with Electric Pavilion Theatre.
Whitley Park Terrace with Electric Pavilion Theatre.

Meg from Goldspink Lane, Sandyford Estate, was on holiday in Whitley Bay and although she dates the postcard pictured as June 26, she does not give the year.

It was written to Rob and Edie telling them that the weather had been glorious and that the beaches were full.

She said that Whitley Bay had changed so much since they left that they would no longer recognise it and that it now seemed a lot like Blackpool.

She paid 3d to go into the Spanish City and stayed there all day on the attractions: the water-shute, the figure eight railway and the House that Jack Built, and visited the Picture Halls.

Originally salt-water baths, owner Mr Grice converted the building next to the Spanish City complex in 1908 to the first cinema in Whitley Bay known as Whitley Baths Pavilion.

According to Frank Manders, in his book ‘Cinemas of North Tyneside’, the cinema changed its name to the Pavilion Electric Theatre in July 1910.

It changed hands in 1914, and new leaseholder Robert Brown ran it with manager Will Lincoln and also the Picture House within the Spanish City, which according to the Whitley Seaside Chronicle, opened on Monday, July 24, 1916.

The Electric Pavilion burned down on December 20, 1923.

A fishwife in full costume is selling fish from baskets on the corner at the bottom of the steps and there are workmen’s tools on the verge behind her, indicating that part of the Promenade has recently been constructed or adapted.

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