Year of commemoration to be marked by significant events

Over the next four years the nation will remember the tragic events of the World War 1914-18.

The borough of Tynemouth suffered a heavy loss of men over the period of the conflict – almost double the national average.

One hundred years later the detailed facts of that loss and the human stories were largely hidden and known mainly in the memory of a few very elderly residents who were still children during the war and its immediate aftermath.

However, in 2010 a group of local residents were determined that the sacrifice of the town’s families should not be forgotten.

And the Tynemouth World War One Commemoration Project was formed to prepare for the centenary of the war, which will attract enormous interest and coverage in the national and international media.

The Tynemouth project has developed an online database that will be launched in June 2014 to provide a freely accessible source of fascinating information and detail for anyone interested to learn about the men who died and were recorded on the Roll of Honour published in 1919 and re-issued in 1923.

For three years more than 70 volunteers have been engaged from a base in the Linskill Community Centre in North Shields in a range of activities, many of which will be brought to fruition in the summer of 2014.

The project hopes that residents today and families connected to the more than 1,700 local men killed in the war, or who died as a result of the conflict, will attend and participate in the events planned and take the opportunity to learn about the men who gave their lives in the four years of struggle, and also the hardships that affected the whole community, not only those serving in the armed forces and merchant fleets but on the home front as well.

Further details about the programme of events shown on the poster above can be found at the project website