100 events for the centenary

Youngsters from brownie units in Tynemouth are celebrating the ‘Big Brownie Birthday’ by completing a series of challenges linked with the number 100.

The girls from the 11th and 14th Tynemouth (Holy Saviour) Brownie units have made 100 teddy bears and sold them for 100p each.

The total of £100 raised from the event will be sent to the Tiny Lives Appeal at Newcastle’s RVI.

Other challenges have seen the youngsters cleaning 100 pennies, running and skipping the length of their meeting hall 100 times, making a mosaic of the number 100, eating 100 pancakes, throwing 100 wet sponges at their leaders, and creating models with 100 Lego bricks.

By the end of 2014 the brownies hope to have completed 100 challenges on the theme of 100.

Valerie Laverty, from the unit, said: “The brownies intend to decorate and paint a mug to remind them of their special 100th birthday.

“They have really enjoyed taking part in the challenges so far, and celebrating 100 years of the brownies, and there’s still more to come.”