7/7 survivor’s book to help others

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A woman from the borough who survived the 7/7 terror attack on London, is looking to help other victims of atrocities as part of her own recovery.

Lisa French was just yards away from one of the suicide bombers who detonated his device on the bus in the heart of London in July 2005.

And following the recent bombings in Boston, Lisa, from Longbenton, is now keen to help other survivors by writing a book.

“The days in which I make the greatest recovery are the days on which I have been able to help others,” said the 38-year-old. “This is the biggest lesson each of these incredible people have taught me, and the message I wish to share in my book in order that more people can benefit from these incredible experiences and stories.

“Inspired by the courage of others, I recently took the brave step to share some of the secrets of my PTSD via my blog, and the response I received from both fellow trauma sufferers and professionals working in the field was profoundly inspiring, and made me realise how much I could help others by sharing this story, and also how PTSD has impacted my life.

“The aims of the book are to share my story and the interwoven stories of the remarkable people I have met.”

The book, which will be called These Histories Travel With Me, will include the stories of a Nobel Peace Prize winner, bereaved family members, peace campaigners, a Tsunami survivor, charity founders and other trauma survivors.

“Each have played an incredible part of my recovery and have walked along side me and shown me the lesser trodden path to recovery and personal growth,” added Lisa.

“This book will be a tribute to their courage, compassion and bravery.”

Lisa is looking to fund her book in a unique way, by asking the public to get behind her quest to tell the story.

Using the crowd-funders website Kickstarter.com, she is asking for people to back her in raising enough money to get the project off the ground and enable her to write the book .

With enough backing she hopes to distribute it free to mental health charities.

“I will be offering incentives for everyone who donates to the bid from a signed copy to me coming and giving a talk, depending on the amount they donate,” she said.

“Hopefully enough people will get behind the project so we can help other people with PTSD.”

Visit www.kickstarter.com to find out more and donate.