A golden opportunity for real regeneration missed

WITH no sense of irony or shame, the council has called the latest death blow it has administered to our town – the approval of private housing and a hotel on the old industrial site of the docks (News Guardian, August 30) – and condemned our town’s future in favour of a few opportunist builders and developers from London wanting to exploit the area for a quick killing.

This will waste a golden opportunity for real regeneration, the encouragement and development of new business opportunities for sustainable industry.

Instead it will kill it off for good.

We don’t need more shops, the town is full of empty shops, and nothing else in the proposal will provide for the growth of the massive sustainable employment the docks once did, nor will it utilise the massive pool of talent and skills being left to waste in this area.

Just as we need a heart to pump blood, a town needs sustainable industries not only to keep going, but to exist.

North Shields flourished on fishing and shipping amongst other things for the best part of a thousand years, even in the teeth of some bitter opposition.

We’ve still (just) got the fishing, but we’ve never needed our leaders and council to fight for our town more than now, and fight, tooth and claw for all those residents whose talents, skills and new business ideas are being wasted in favour of these so-called developers.

Recessions wipe away the old, so its a golden opportunity for the start up of new business.

Wake up North Tyneside Council, don’t just stand there and allow our future and town to be wiped away.

Fight for us and our future, instead of giving in to the death dealing hand of the short term profits of a small handful of developers who don’t even live here.


North Shields