A living wage enhances the quality of work

This week, Alan Campbell has handed his column over to guest writer Rebecca Moore, a member of the Youth Parliament.

The minimum wage is an issue which affects many UK adults and young people. Implemented in 1998, I believe setting a minimum wage was a morally and politically just law to pass.

However, is the minimum wage enough to live on? I do not believe it is.

The wage required to live a moderately comfortable life is £7.85 an hour yet the minimum wage is still £3.79 for under-18s, £5.13 for 18 to 20-year-olds and £6.50 for those aged 21+.

Surely for leaders to expect children to be fed, taxes to be paid and people to work hard, then workers should be rewarded with what they deserve and quite frankly need.

As for the businesses, evidence suggests that paying the living wage enhances the quality of work by staff and reduces absenteeism, resulting in a more focused, committed workforce.

It’s the 21st century. Nobody should be struggling to put food on the table. The UK Youth Parliament elected ‘Raise the Wage’ as this year’s campaign and we are inviting you to support us.

If you become a living wage employer, then you will receive a Living Wage employer poster and the Youth Parliament will recognise you as an inspiration to other businesses.

Email: rebecca.moore@northtyneside.gov.uk