A monster win for Jess as she banks over £12,000

Jess with Noel Edmonds on the Deal or No Deal Hallowe'en special.
Jess with Noel Edmonds on the Deal or No Deal Hallowe'en special.

DRESSED as a ‘monster doll’ and in front of millions of television viewers, Whitley Bay’s Jess Cooper took on the Deal or No Deal banker this week.

But despite not coming away with the £250,000 jackpot, Jess collected £13,013 from the hit Channel 4 show.

But she then gambled away £250 of her prize for the chance to win a holiday.

The 23-year-old was on screens on Tuesday as part of a week-long Hallowe’en special, although it was filmed in March.

She spent a total of ten days watching her fellow contestants play the game with host Noel Edmonds before her number six box was selected.

She said: “I felt really nervous when I was picked, but I was excited at the same time.

“I had no plan whatsoever, just picked the numbers as I went along.”

Close to Jess throughout the game were pictures of her dad Tim, who passed away in between the audition stages and her appearance.

He died suddenly on holiday in Italy in September 2010, but Jess knew he wanted her to appear on the show.

As well as coming away with almost £13,000, Jess adored her moment in the limelight, and getting to know her fellow players.

She said: “You don’t get to speak much during the day when you are filming, but we would spend time together in the hotel and that was great.

“It could be quite emotionally draining watching them take part in their game, but exciting too.”

Jess is currently studying social care while working part-time as a support worker with children with learning difficulties, but she has managed to spend time treating herself to a couple of holidays and other gifts.