A quizzical look at our food hygiene

Some residents are continuing to put their health at risk, a food safety quiz has revealed.

More than 250 people took part in the food safety quiz as part of Food Safety Week (June 10 to 16) as members of North Tyneside Council’s food safety team visited shopping centres in the borough.

All entrants were put in a prize draw to win £50 of Royal Quays vouchers, which was won by Joanne Amis from North Shields.

Coun John Harrison, cabinet member for housing and the environment, said: “It’s encouraging that many of the residents spoken to by our team were aware of food safety issues.

“However, our findings also revealed that there are some situations where people are following some unsafe practices.”

The results showed nearly all those questions understood the importance of washing hands before preparing food while many now use anti-bacterial sprays for disinfecting work surfaces and using different cutting boards for raw meat.

Nearly everyone knew to keep raw meat and poultry at the bottom of the fridge but some people never checked the temperature of their fridge.

But around a quarter said they would eat food past its ‘use by’ date, with some adamant they still would despite being given advice.

And around 20 per cent of people wash raw meat and poultry – which experts say can help spread bacteria around the sink.