A touch of carnival life at school

A colourful carnival atmosphere took over a Whitley Bay school last week as pupils dedicated the day to children living nearly 6,000 miles away.

Navy uniforms at Star of the Sea RC Primary School were swapped for a yellow and green dress code for a special Brazilian-themed day.

Brazilian Day at Whitley Bay's Star of the Sea Primary School.'REF 0702140330

Brazilian Day at Whitley Bay's Star of the Sea Primary School.'REF 0702140330

Children took part in the day in aid of The Lionsraw Project – a charity helping to set up educational schemes, increase activities and providing medical facilities for disadvantaged communities.

Events on the day included ‘futsal’ – a popular indoor style of football – and traditional Brazilian singing and dancing.

Lunchboxes were left at home and children were treated to some delicious delicacies from the South American country including pão de queijo, a type of cheesy bread; Brazilian chocolates called brigadeiro; tropical fruit and non-alcoholic piña coladas.

Headteacher James Hannah said: “We are committed to giving our pupils a well-rounded education where they can understand and learn about different countries, cultures and languages.

“It was fantastic to see the children so enthusiastic about all the Brazilian-themed activities and it’s very timely as the eyes of the world focus on Brazil this year, too.”

Year 2 pupils got the chance to take part in a Brazilian arts and crafts lesson.

Rosie Craig, seven, said: “I have made a Brazilian mask and decorated it with coloured feathers; it’s very bright and colourful. I also loved learning how to do special football tricks in the futsal session.”

They were also joined by young Brazilian students who are studying English at International House in Newcastle who took part in a question and answer session, providing the four to 11-year-olds with a better understanding of global issues.