A vehicle sensitive council? I think not

So we have a ‘vehicle sensitive council’, have we, as last week’s letters page states.

Is this the same council that has a camera car going round trying to catch drivers illegally parking, even if only to drop people off?

I am a taxi driver and have to try to pick up and drop off people, often with walking aids, wheelchairs etc in areas with double yellow lines, white chevrons, bus stops next to hairdressers and shops while risking a fixed penalty from this white periscoped monster.

There is virtually nowhere to stop legally in Whitley Bay.

Has the writer of last week’s letter ever witnessed the massive queues from 8am onwards in Eardson Road and Seatonville Road stretching back from Shields Road roundabout?

And what about the extra 600-plus cars that are going to emerge from the decision to build a massive housing estate on Wellfield?

Had the writer asked around, he or she would have found out that a pedestrian crossing was going to be put in place of the island.

A vehicle sensitive council? I think not.

Ian Thomas

Address supplied