Absolute chaos could be looming

Many readers have written letters critical of the new traffic lights on Earsdon Road.

These control traffic coming onto Earsdon Road from South Wellfield, where there has never been a traffic problem in the past, also from the couple of dozen new houses recently built at West Park (who is going to live there, Royalty?).

I have been given to understand that it is computer programmes that determine what traffic lights and roundabouts etc. are used for traffic control at new housing developments.

Are these programmes considered to be infallible, so is it therefore considered unnecessary to check their competence using the human brain?

If these traffic lights have caused the many unnecessary delays to traffic on Earsdon Road as reported, what plans do the council have for managing the additional traffic from the proposed five and a half thousand new houses planned for the greenfield sites between Earsdon, Shiremoor, West Monkseaton and Murton.

Absolute chaos looms.

If, as I suspect, they are planning to build link roads through the existing estates at Shiremoor, Murton, South Wellfield and West Monkseaton, they should forget it.

These estates were built many years ago when traffic was almost none existing, consequently the roads are very narrow and now already swamped with traffic to an extent where they may be considered dangerous.

Peter Wood

West Monkseaton