ACCIDENT: Dangerous cycle trap

May we express our thanks to the amazing group of people who helped my wife when she had a bicycle accident near the Dome on Whitley Bay seafront on Sunday morning, February 4.

Friday, 16th February 2018, 6:16 am

She got initial treatment in the warmth of the Premier Inn, whose staff were very supportive, and who are now looking after a pair of black Karrimor gloves that I picked up by mistake.

After an ambulance trip to Cramlington and a prompt and thorough check-up, she is now recovering, although not looking or feeling her best.

May I also point out to North Tyneside planners that their newly designed seafront has created a dangerous cycle trap.

All along the seafront, approaching the Dome from the north, there are three surfaces – different colours and textures, but all on one level. This allows for a smooth transition across surfaces.

Near the Dome, these surfaces diverge and the central one becomes a sideways incline before stopping abruptly. But here, separating ridges have been introduced on both sides of this central way, making transition almost impossible for a cyclist.

Once again, many thanks to all the kind people from both of us.

Kate and Gordon Jones

Whitley Bay