ACCIDENT: Moved by public show of humanity

I would like to publicly express my gratitude to the passers by following an accident near the Brier Dene, Links Road, Whitley Bay, on Sunday, September 13, at approximately 7.30am.

Following my involvement in an accident with a cyclist, I would like to thank the public for coming to my assistance in helping the injured cyclist.

A passing van driver approached me and offered to ring for an ambulance so I could attend to the injured gentleman.

A lady then arrived who announced herself as a nurse and assessed and comforted the gentleman before offering her jumper to warm him.

Two further nurses then also stopped (who were on their way to take part in the Great North Run) and helped to comfort and support him.

Another blanket then appeared for further comfort. One gentleman then drove to the injured man’s home to tell his wife about the incident so she could attend. Yet another person offered to load the gentleman’s bike into their car and take it to the man’s house for safe keeping.

The ambulance staff arrived and treated the man before taking him away for assessment.

It is humbling and inspiring to be offered the spontaneous and unconditional assistance of members of the public when others are in need.

I am very grateful to all and am moved by your humanity. I hope this shows the true spirit of the people of the north east who acted so selflessly and compassionately.

I am pleased to say that the police reported the gentleman did not suffer serious injury.

Name and address supplied