Acupuncture brings birth hope

A North Tyneside therapist is hoping that acupuncture will start a baby boom.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 5:33 pm
Acupuncture hopes to create new baby boom

Dr Xiao Xi Yu, of Sun Hie Acupuncture in Whitley Bay, believes that Chinese medicine, acupuncture and cupping helps to overcome fertility issues.

Dr Yu has 30 years experience, ten of them with her Whitley Bay business.

She said: “Whilst modern medicine has advanced massively in the last few years to help couples struggling with infertility, there are still many cases where the couple doesn’t qualify for NHS help because they can’t afford the treatment or it simply doesn’t/won’t work in their case.”

Acupuncture is thought to find where the issues lie in an individual’s system and remove stress from the body using treatments which makes the body stronger.

Businesswoman Michelle Jones is convinced the treatment helped her to have two children after suffering from four long-term chronic health conditions.

She said: “I needed to take control of my illnesses, accept I was poorly and find a way to live whilst managing my health. I came off the treatment that the doctors had me on, which was putting me into false menopause.

“Three years after enjoying Chinese medicine, hot cupping and acupuncture I was feeling stronger and my miracle occurred – I fell pregnant. Three years later, the same again.”

Dr Yu also treats people suffering from menopause, back and neck pain, eczema, fibromyalgia, tinnitus and mental health issues.