Advice for pupils on finding the right balance for studies

Joe Johnson. Picture by Patrick Hutton/K2 Corporate Mobility.
Joe Johnson. Picture by Patrick Hutton/K2 Corporate Mobility.

A teenager believes there is a way to find the right balance between studying and socialising.

Research from National Citizen Service (NCS) shows that 57 per cent of 15 to 17-year-olds feel schoolwork must come before anything else if they want to do well in the future.

But Joe Johnson, 17, from Whitley Bay, says parents should talk to their children about getting the right balance for the coming academic year.

His mother Julie said: “Teenagers today are under so much pressure to do well in exams and this can have a negative effect on their emotional wellbeing and opportunities for personal development.

“That’s why something like NCS is an excellent way to teach them that, whilst their education is incredibly important, there’s more to life than exams.

“Although it was strange having Joe out of the house, I knew it was the best thing for him and was the experience he deserved and needed to help prepare better for life after school.”

Joe said: “Finding the right balance between school work, additional responsibilities and hanging out with my friends has been tough.

“During exams I go into study mode and that is all I focus on – it can get quite stressful at times.

“I was a little nervous about going on NCS as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m now so glad I gave it a go and that my parents supported and encouraged me. The friends I met and team leaders really helped me see the importance of having a healthy balance in life.”

To support parents in advising their teens on ways to stay happy, healthy and balanced during their critical exams years, NCS has worked with a number of business leaders, celebrities, experts and teens and parents themselves to offer free advice and tips, which are available at

Places are currently available for 16-17 year olds to experience NCS and develop their teamwork, leadership and communications skills before they start applying for jobs or submitting their UCAS application.

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