Air quality tests carried out in North Tyneside streets

An organisation has been carrying out air quality tests in Whitley Bay.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 31 January, 2017, 07:00
Malcolm Scott, coordinator of North Tyneside Friends of the Earth, puts up one of the devices in Whitley Bay town centre.

North Tyneside Friends of the Earth have begun the tests to detect air pollution from traffic.

It is part of a nationwide effort by Friends of the Earth to monitor the presence of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

NO2 can be damaging to health, particularly to lungs and the respiratory system, and Friends of the Earth is trying to map out a picture of pollution blackspots throughout England and Wales

After two weeks, the devices will be taken down and sent to a laboratory in Winchester, Hampshire, for testing.

Diesel cars have been found to emit between five and 10 times more nitrogen dioxide than petrol-driven cars and some car manufacturers have been accused of trying to hide these figures.

Malcolm Scott, co-ordinator of North Tyneside Friends of the Earth, said: “Some green protesters have launched a campaign to drive diesel cars off British roads by taxing them heavily.’’