Ales well that starts off well for brewer

Cullercoats Brewery owner Bill Scantlebury.
Cullercoats Brewery owner Bill Scantlebury.

A NEW brewery has nothing at all to be bitter about as already orders are flowing in.

In its first month in business, Cullercoats Brewery has secured deals to distribute its real ales to more than 20 pubs across the north east.

And now the microbrewery is supplying pubs in Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham and Cheshire too with its two beers, Lovely Nelly and Jack the Lad, via Manchester-based Boggarts Brewery Distributions.

The brewery’s owner, Bill Scantlebury, said: “We are going from strength to strength, with new orders coming in every day.

“I had hoped that a number of pubs in the north east would be stocking my beer by now, but to be supplying it to the north west has completely surpassed my expectations.”

Boggarts has ordered 12 firkins, nearly 900 pints, to deliver to its clients.

About 7,000 pints of Lovely Nelly and Jack the Devil have been poured since the brewery’s launch in mid-December.

Bill, pictured, added: “To have such a well-recognised distributor on board marks a new stage for Cullercoats Brewery.

“Both ales travel extremely well, and I look forward to receiving some great feedback over the next year.”