All properties will be paying this council tax increase

I have just read Coun Allan Hepple’s letter defending the 156 per cent increase in Cramlington Town council’s tax,

One of his statements is of particular concern.

He states “What Mr Dorman-O’Gowan failed to say was that 156 per cent increase applies to less than 900 properties in Cramlington.”

Unless only 900 houses in the whole of Cramlington pay council tax, this statement is simply untrue.

The 156 per cent increase applies to every house in Cramlington.

For example a band A property will see an increase from £25.19 to £64.70, an increase of slightly more than 156 per cent. Band A houses make up more than half the houses in Cramlington.

Is Coun Hepple saying only 450 Band A houses in Cramlington pay council tax?

The next largest group, Band B, will see an increase from £29.38 to £75.34, an increase of, you’ve guessed it, just over 156 per cent. And so on for each band.

I’m not going to get involved in any political arguments, like many people I have become completely disillusioned with politicians, (and this latest example shows why) but at a time when many people have suffered pay freezes or even pay cuts for several years, for a party which claims to represent ordinary people to almost treble council tax is difficult to comprehend.

If this happens again next year, Band A houses will be paying £165.63 and Band B £192.87, on top, don’t forget, of the county council tax and the police precept. Sound farfetched?

Well I don’t see why, given that those figures are 156 per cent higher than this year’s imposed tax, and I imagine that last year the Labour group would have said any suggestion that they would increase the tax this year by 156 per cent was fanciful.

Incidentally, if, as Coun Hepple says, the Tory councillors abstained, I would like to know why they didn’t vote against this act of extortion.

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