Allotment rent rise is unfair

FURTHER to letters regarding allotment rent increases, I would like to add my disgust on a council that taxes electorates hobbies and pastimes.

I use my allotment for enjoyment, satisfaction and healthy exercise, which I do believe the council condones and encourages.

My rent, as with most other allotment holders, is increasing by a whopping 48 per cent.

I don’t know what justification there is in such an increase as that, especially as the council made a profit of £1,300 on our plot alone, so I cannot see why any sort of increase is needed.

The council say there is a shortfall of £11,000 for last year (I wonder how much money was wasted last year on advisers and barristers hired to obtain advice that should have been known in the first place).

I pay my full council tax and receive no benefits yet they even take our Ease Card Discount away.

Support us against this unfair rent increase.