Anger at being left out of new parking scheme

New parking regulations being introduced in a village have been criticised for ‘discriminating’ one business.

Tony Franklin, joint owner of The Townhouse in Tynemouth, says visitors to the holiday let will be hit in the pocket or forced to park nearly a mile away under the new rules.

Tony Franklin of Grand Parade at Tynemouth-row over new parking restrictions.'REF 0202151638

Tony Franklin of Grand Parade at Tynemouth-row over new parking restrictions.'REF 0202151638

North Tyneside Council is introducing new parking regulations to Percy Park which will see visitors have to pay on weekends and bank holidays.

Residents are able to acquire permits for themselves and scratchcards for visitors, but despite being in the ‘zone’, Mr Franklin says his business has been excluded.

It will mean guests will have to pay for weekend use or park on the other side of Tynemouth boating lake, the only free parking area left in Tynemouth at weekends.

Mr Frankin said: “One of the new parking signs is on the lamppost right outside the Townhouse, yet for some reason we have been excluded.

“It’s total discrimination.

“There is a big furore over these new parking regulations and large sections of households were not included in the consultation.

“Some premises on Percy Park contain up to five flats, yet only one leaflet per building was delivered.

“There are quite a number of residents who have been affected but ignored in the decision making process. We have seen a lot of people reading and taking pictures of the new signs.

“The Townhouse is in Liddell House, one of the most iconic buildings in the village and built in 1958, designed by leading architect Peter Yates.

“It may well be on Grand Parade, but for some reason we are excluded yet the sign right outside says we are included.

“It is making the Townhouse unviable. We bring a lot of business and people to Tynemouth.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are introducing a pay and display and permit parking scheme in the Percy Park area, which will operate on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

“This is in response to requests from local residents who were unable to park near their homes due to the amount of non-residential parking.

“Mr Franklin’s property is just outside the scheme and he has requested that it is added to the list of households that are eligible for a permit as there are yellow line restrictions outside the property.

“We understand his situation and are currently considering the request.”